Welcome to Game Day training Facility, a 4200 Sq. Ft complex that is fully turfed!  The training area is broken down into 2 areas- an area for team trainings and separate tunnels for instructor training.  

The Team training area is one large turf field that further breaks down into 3 hitting\pitching tunnels for all of your hitting and pitching needs.  This area is rented to one team at a time.  Each team will have access to several JUGS and ATEC pitching machines, Tees and many other training accessories to make the most out of your allotted time!

Our instructor tunnels are long enough to handle fastpitch pitching lessons as well as hitting lessons.  Looking for an instructor for lessons- give us a call- we have instructors at the ready to help at every level!!  Whether you are in college and looking for fine tune your mechanics or you are a little league player looking to build your fundamentals we can help!!!

Here Are some update pictures of the construction progress!!!

Instructor Tunnel 1

Instructor Tunnel 2

Waiting Room

Team Tunnel 2

Team Tunnel 1

Team Tunnel 3